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Metal shredder

Metal shredder belongs to one kind of metal crushers and it can be divided into three kinds by the numbers of axes: Double-axis meteal shredder, three-axis metal shreeder and four-sxis metal shredder.

    • Application scope:
      Metal shredder can be used for shredding metal drum, refrigerators, cars, scrap steel, steel furniture and so on. Metal shredder is mainly used for shredding a certain strength of light metal, increasing the bulk density for transportation, recycling. Also used in the paint bucket, waste electrical appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell), large pipe, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, drums, aluminum, copper and the thickness of less than 5mm iron, used circuit boards (circuit boards) Cables and other large volumes of waste.

      Features for metal shredder:
      1-Low speed, high torque, low noise;
      2-Processing capacity, the material size controllable, the material uniformity, high efficiency;
      3-The overall use of modular design, easy maintenance and parts replacement;
      4-Directly connected with the broken spindle motor, high efficiency, low failure;
      5-Broken tool alloy steel and heat treated, long life, good wear resistance;
      6-Simply replace worn rear combination knife blade (optional);
      7-Blade wear welded design, re-use repair (optional);
      8-Choose high-powered hydraulic power unit drives, particularly suited to the huge waste Unallocated broken;
      9-Nesting material can not be broken doors and overhaul shift system (optional);
      10-Multiple sealing system to better protect bearings;
      11-Multilateral shaft, to ensure maximum tool and spacers to keep locked state in the operation;
      12-There are multiple security features to prevent overload protection device;
      13-Variable frequency drive technology Intelligent real-time monitoring tool axis torque and automatically increase or decrease the speed of the knife shaft on demand, in order to achieve the best effect.

    Data Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Knife (pieces) Feed size(mm)
    Shear knives 200*20 SX—500 7.5 300-600 16 680*760
      SX—600 11 400-800 24 840*760
      SX—800 22 600-1000 32 1000*760
      SX—800 15*2 700-1200 32 1000*760
      SX—1000 22*2 800-1500 40 1160*760
    Shear knives 300*40 SX—600 15 500-1000 12 850*990
      SX—800 15*2 800-1200 16 1010*990
      SX—1000 18.5*2 1000-1500 20 1170*990
      SX—1200 22*2 1500-2000 26 1410*990
      SX—1500 30*2 2000-2500 38 1890*990
    Shear knives 400*40 SX—600 15 800-1000 12 850*1090
      SX—800 18.5*2 1000-1500 16 1010*1090
      SX—1000 18.5*2 1500-2000 20 1170*1090
      SX—1200 22*2 2000-2500 26 1410*1090
      SX—1500 30*2 2200-3000 38 1890*1090

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